Zi-Qiang Zhu


Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu

Head of Electrical Machines and Drives Group

Royal Academy of Engineering/Siemens Chair

Academic Director of Sheffield Siemens Wind Power Research Centre

Director of CSR Electric Drives Technology Research Centre

email : z.q.zhu@sheffield.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5195 / 5360

BEng (1981, Zhejiang University), MSc (1984, Zhejiang University), PhD (1991, University of Sheffield)

Fellow IEEE, Fellow IET, CEng

Research Interests

  • Novel permanent magnet machines and actuators (including linear machines)

  • High-speed brushless machines

  • Low-speed high-torque direct-drive permanent magnet machines

  • Low-cost single-phase permanent magnet motors

  • Direct torque control of permanent magnet brushless motors

  • Sensorless control of permanent magnet brushless dc and ac drives

  • Parameter and condition identification of permanent magnet brushless machines

  • Intelligent control of permanent magnet brushless drives (including fuzzy logic, extended Kalman filter, sliding mode, and model reference etc)

  • Novel PWM strategies

  • Noise and vibration

  • Wind power generation

  • Power trains for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles

  • Domestic appliances

  • More electric aircraft

Academic Profiles

  • Author of >800 published/accepted journal/conf. papers, (>340 journal papers, >250 in Trans IEEE/IET) and >50 patents.

  • Editor/Associate Editor/Member of Editorial Advisory Board of IEEE Trans. on Energy Conversion (2014-); Int. Journal of Automation & Control (2008-); COMPEL (2013-); IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications (2007-2010).

  • General Chair of VPPC2016, LIDA13; Chairman/Co-chairman of International Steering/Technical Programme/Organizing Committee of ICEMS95, IPEMC04, ICEMS05, IPEMC06, ICNSC07, ICEMS08, IEEE-VPPC08, IEEE-ECCE11, ICEMS11, IPEMC12, ICEMS14, SMART15, Committee Member/Session Chairman of IEEE-IAS, ECCE, IEMDC, ICEM, PEMD, ICEMS, IPEMC, InterMag, EVER, VPPC etc.

  • Keynote Speaker: LDIA98, PCC-Nagoya07, IEEE-VPPC08, ICEMS08, EVER09, EVER11, ICEMS11, IEMDC11, IPEMC12, EVER14, ICEMS2014, EVER15 etc.

  • Guest/Visiting Professor: Hong Kong University (1999, 2000), Shanghai University (1999-), Zhejiang University (2001-), Northeastern University (2001-2006), Southeast University (2002-), Tianjin University (2003-), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2003-), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2005-2007), WEMPEC-University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007), Navel University of Engineering (2008-2010), Harbin Institute of Technology (2008-), Tsinghua University (2009-2012), Chinese Academy of Science-Institute of Electrical Engineering (2011-), Shenyang University of Technology(2011-2014) etc.

Major Awards:

  • 2015 Best paper Awards, EVER2015, (Novel machine and control of variable flux machines)

  • 2014 Best Paper Awards, ICEMS2014, (Novel PM, reluctance machines and controls)

  • 2014 Best Paper Award, EVER2014, (Sensorless control of SPM motor)

  • 2012 Best Paper Award, EVER2012, (Torque ripple and tooth force in IPM machines)

  • 2012 Best Paper Award, IPEMC2012, ECCE-ASIA, (Novel variable flux reluctance machine and acoustic noise)

  • 2011 3rd Prize Paper Award, IEEE IAS Society, (Iron loss and torque ripple in IPM machines)

  • 2010 Best Paper Prize, IEEE, VPPC 2010, (Novel hybrid excited flux-switching PM machine)

  • 2005 Best Paper Award, ICEMS, (Direct torque control)

  • 2004 Best Paper Award, ICEMS, (Novel PM machines)

  • 2001 3rd Prize Paper Award, Industrial Drives Committee, IEEE, (Sensorless control of PM brushless drives)

  • 1995 Swan Premium Award, IEE, (Acoustic noise of electrical machines)